Not again......stomach ache and a blown up stomach :(


After several tries myself, trying to find out what was wrong with my digestive system, I decided to go to the doctors. I thought I had problems with Lactose and wanted to be tested to find out if I was right.


"No, you are not Lactose intolerant"

That´s what I kept hearing from the doctors I went to.


"Great" I thought, is it just my imagination, are the pains not real?? Luckily, I managed to find a doctor that believed in my symptoms and decided to make more tests. And then the results..."you have a Fructose malabsorption"

That problems with Fructose, doesn´t mean that you have to do without sweet things, is what I want to show you with these recipes.

I love to bake and cook and can show you through easy changes how to bake tasty things.

Not only me, my family as well, are happy that I´m feeling better and that I still bake tasty cakes and biscuits, that they enjoy too.

After reading lots of books and Internet sides, I can now enjoy eating again and cooking for others.

With the Internet side, I want to give people with Fructose problems, new ideas and show them that the enjoyment of eating doesn`t stop with he diagnosis Fructose malabsorption.


Have fun and enjoy :)