Not again......stomach ache and a blown up stomach. Just a few of the symptoms that I had been having for a long time.­čą┤


After several attempts to try and find out what was wrong with my digestive system, I decided to go to the doctors. I thought I had problems with Lactose and wanted to be tested to find out if I was right.

I was quite lucky to find a doctor that believed me and decided to do a test me.


Firstly they did a lactose test....

"No, you are not Lactose intolerant"


"Great" I thought, what have I got? Is it just my imagination, are the pains not real??


After convincing the doctor that that something was still wrong , he decided to do a Fructose test. Something which i had never heard of!!


And then the results..."you have a Fructose Malabsorption"­čśĘ


What is that??? I thought...What can I eat? All I got from the doctors was a piece of paper with a few notes and tips on it, with the statement to check the internet or buy a book...great!!!

That was December 2014.


Luckily I had a lot of support from my family. My husband is a cook and I`ve been to catering college, so we do know a bit about food. 
I read a lot, spent quite a bit of time on the internet and tried out numerous of things in our kitchen.


My passion is baking, which can be a bit of a problem when you have fructose intolerance. 

That is why I want to show everyone that you can still eat sweet things, bake delicious cakes and biscuits and still keep your digestive problem at bay.


With my internet and social media posts, I want to give people that have problems with fructose, new ideas and show them that the enjoyment of eating doesn`t stop with the diagnosis Fructose Malabsorption/Intolerance.


Just remember, we all have our own tolerance level. Just because I tolerate something, doesn┬┤t garantie that you can...­čÖł­čÖł


Have fun┬áand enjoy ­čśü