How many of you have been to a nutrition coach, due to the diagnosis from a fructose or lactose intolerance or different food intolerance?


You receive the diagnosis from the doctor or clinic and then you must find out what you can eat or what not, or you can try and find a health/nutrition coach to help you. The only problem is that many coaches don´t really know about food intolerance. They only know what has been written in books and not how it is in reality.


Very often, they give out false information (not on purpose) which can be upsetting and cause more problems for the person affected.


You can read a lot in books or in the internet, but sometimes you still can´t find the right answers that you need.

Therefore, I decided to go back to college and learn to be a nutrition coach to help people with a food intolerance (like myself)😎


I hope to help people on their journey through the jungle of having a food intolerance.

To show them that you can still eat healthy, tasty food and enjoy eating.


Have you read my first information side?🤓


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All recipes that I post have been tested out on myself (and family). Just remember everyone of us has a different tolerance level. Just because I can eat something and have no problems, doesn´t mean to say it will be the same for you…😉